LifeShield Review

Introductory Thoughts On LifeShield

LifeShield offers an amazing array of home security options that are affordable and convenient. From wireless kits that are easy to install to mobile monitoring, they offer a comprehensive and user-friendly home security and medical alert service that is hard to beat.

LifeShield Provides Amazing Protection Without Wires

I purchased the kit and monitoring service because I was interested in their wireless products as well as their affordable monthly fees. I was amazed at how easy it was to install the equipment, and I did not need to drill holes or make any permanent modifications to my home. In just a couple of minutes I was connected with one of the most advanced and flexible monitoring services in business today.

They offer a wide range of services that include live video monitoring and mobile access as well as monitoring for carbon monoxide and fire. Mobile and internet services provide additional layers of protection that are designed to foil any attempt at disabling the system.

I Control My System

There are many security services available and I chose LifeShield because of the flexibility and control they offer. I can arm the alarm, view video feeds and even take snapshots. I’ve used various security systems in the past and nothing comes close to matching the benefits that LifeShield provides me and my family.

Because of their wireless technology, I can access my security system from anywhere. I can change access codes, review video footage from the previous day and even arm and disarm my alarm from my smartphone or laptop. When it comes to flexibility and overall peace of mind, I feel safer and more secure than ever before.

They even provide a system that will send me alerts and notifications. I can get a text message or an email if a motion sensor is triggered. I can also set up the system so that it will notify my friends and neighbors if something is amiss and I am not able to respond.

24/7 Monitoring Means I Feel Safe

While they offer a range of personal monitoring options, I can also count on their professional monitors as well. Couple that with amazing and responsive customer service, and it is easy to see why LifeSheild receives high marks for customer satisfaction and reliability.

LifeShield combines the benefits of professional monitoring with the flexibility of personally controlled security systems. This means their team of security professionals are able to quickly respond to any problem even if I am unable to do so myself. I have the assurance of knowing that I have someone watching out for me and my family in the event of a break-in or a medical emergency.

My Final Thoughts On LifeShield

LifeShield is the easiest and most comprehensive home security system that I have ever used. Their wireless equipment is easy to use and install, and it does not require a substantial amount of money to get started. I was not expecting so many benefits and choices, and their service is one of the best investments that I have ever made.

I would highly recommend that anyone who wants a truly comprehensive and affordable security monitoring system to explore what LifeShield can offer. They have a range of subscription plans available that include home, business and even rental property monitoring. Prices are competitive with what other companies charge even though LifeShield provides so many more options and choices.


Lifeshield Security versus Protect America

Home is a place where people enjoy their personal time and spend moment with their loved ones. Because of the significance of this place, more and more people are looking for ways to ensure that this is comfortable, convenient and secured. Among the so many concerns that homeowners have security is the top priority nowadays. The increasing number of crimes against property has encouraged more households to increase the security of their residences. One of the many ways of increasing security is through installation of home security devices and systems. When it comes to home security, Lifeshield Security and Protect America are two of the most popular security systems providers available in the country. What is the difference between these two home security systems providers?

Homeowners should really know the difference between the two.  The obvious reason is that one should get the better choice.  Of course, the only way to know the differences is actually make a thorough research on the kinds of services, the features, and the quality of both.  This should be easy because one can just open the internet and get information there.  However, this may not be enough; one may still have to ask those who have gotten the services of the said companies. Continue reading

LifeShield Security Review

Crime is committed in many areas in countries worldwide and home break-ins and burglaries are more often noted. When the economy of a country is in shambles, crime rate is often noted to rise, and when this happens, the potential harm to persons and property will be compromised. Protection of family and property is of vital importance and this should be a priority. Strong door and window locks and lighting all around can help, but all these may not be enough. A good home security system is often what is needed.

Most criminals often will not intrude into homes with a good security system, and this is only natural. The potential risks they will get will be higher, and they can very well identify homes with security systems. When going for a home security system for your property, you should consider the equipment installed, the number of sensors included and the monitoring service of the company. You should also consider the installation cost and the kind of monitoring they have. Will this be a 24/7 live monitoring or not? Do they have a quick contact to authorities capabilities in case of an intrusion committed? Continue reading

Lifeshield Security Complaints Must Be Settled ASAP!

It is a common thing that every company will receive complaints from their customers or even their prospective customers yet but what matters most is how the company reacts to the complaint being made. It is very important that complaints must be seen and dealt with positive attitude. You can treat it as hints and tips on how to further improve your company.

The lifeshield security company has experienced the same thing and is doing the right thing as well though there maybe some that may not be satisfied with the actions taken but still you need to acknowledge the effort made in order to address the complaints. Customers’ complaints are another way of saying that the company has to make changes to improve its services. Continue reading

LifeShield Security vs. ADT

If you are looking for a security system for your home, finding the best for home security, the best in terms of services, and likewise prices that are competitive, will be those that you would like to get. LifeShield can be one in this list because of the many upgrades they are giving in their services. You will no longer pay for the base system because this will be given free. You can also get a cellular back up unit wherein if your phone line and internet connection are cut, you can still have this going. Batteries are also the same as those used in windows and door sensors and they are widely available and cheap.

Prices for LifeShield security system are very competitive and you can avail of discounted prices if you sign up for a 5 year contract instead of the minimum 3 year contract offered. This is one home security system which would be potential burglars and intruders will be hesitant to break in because of its identifiable signs put up. Specialty sensors can also be put up, and this can be convenient for you. Instructions on setting up are also very simple and easily understandable. LifeShield can meet the basic needs of people looking for home security for their place of residence or business. Continue reading